John Hassler

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Telephone: +46 (0)8 16 20 70
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John Hassler is Professor of Economics at IIES.

5 most cited works (Google Scholar)

"The Survival of the Welfare State", American Economic Review, 93:1 (with Kjetil Storesletten, José V. Rodríguez Mora and Fabrizio Zilibotti).

"Intelligence, Social Mobility, and Growth", American Economic Review, 90:4 (with José V. Rodríguez Mora).

"The Swedish Business Cycle: Stylized Facts Over 130 Years", in V. Bergström and A. Vredin, eds., Measuring and Interpreting Business Cycles, Clarendon Press, 1994 (with P. Lundvik, T. Persson and P. Söderlind).

"The Dynamics of Government", Journal of Monetary Economics, 52:7, 2005 (with per Krusell, Kjetil Storesletten and Fabrizio Zilibotti).

"Democratic Public Good Provision", Journal of Economic Theory, 133:1, 2007 (with Kjetil Storesletten and Fabrizio Zilibotti).