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Claire Thürwächter

How does Monetary Policy Affect the Real Economy?

Research by IIES Graduate Student Claire Thürwächter (with co-author Fédéric Holm-Hadulla, European Central Bank) accepted for publication in the European Economic Review.

Kizazi Kijacho

Early Childhood Development Programming

IIES Professor Ingvild Almås and Bet Caeyers (Research Economist at FAIR NHH) are leading the design and implementation of an ambitious Early Childhood Development (ECD) research program in Tanzania.

Associate Professor Kurt Mitman

Large temporary increase in unemployment insurance optimal response to COVID-like recession

New research from IIES Associate Professor, Kurt Mitman, and co-author, Assistant Professor Stanislav Rabinovich (UNC Chapel Hill) investigates whether, when and how to extend unemployment insurance (UI) in recessions.

 Information for students and staff about the new Coronavirus

COVID-19: Information for Students and Staff

Information on the coronavirus in relation to Stockholm University's activities is updated continuously.

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