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Strong Belief that the Rich are Rich due to Selfishness

A review of a study from over 60 countries shows that people perceive the rich's fortunes as a result of selfish behavior, that inequality is unfair, and that there is strong support for income redistribution.

Ingvild Almås, Photo: Nils S. Aasheim/Norges Bank

Empowering Women through Targeted Conditional Cash Transfers

Targeting payments of a nationwide conditional cash transfer program to women increased household spending on food by empowering women and enhancing their decision-making power in the household.

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How do Interest Rate Changes by a Central Bank Affect the Economy?

Research by Mattias Almgren, José-Elías Gallegos, John Kramer and Ricardo Lima accepted for publication at the American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, finds that monetary policy has a stronger effect in countries with a higher share of people who are "liquidity constrained". 

Claire Thürwächter

How does Monetary Policy Affect the Real Economy?

Research by IIES Graduate Student Claire Thürwächter (with co-author Fédéric Holm-Hadulla, European Central Bank) accepted for publication in the European Economic Review.

 Information for students and staff about the new Coronavirus

COVID-19: Information for Students and Staff

Information on the coronavirus in relation to Stockholm University's activities is updated continuously.

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