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 Information for students and staff about the new Coronavirus

Information for students and staff about the new Coronavirus

Information on the coronavirus in relation to Stockholm University's activities is updated continuously.

John Hassler introducing Gabriel Urwitz

Assar Lindbeck: Academic Research for the Public Service.

On 10 March, Professor Lindbeck was honored with a half-day conference on the role researchers should play in the public debate.

Fragmented land

Improving the lives of the poor through agricultural land trade

Assistant Professor, Jonathan de Quidt, with Gharad Bryan, Mariajose Silva Vargas and Tom Wilkening have been awarded a grant of 4,4 MKr from the Swedish Research Council to fund their research in Uganda.

Photo: Miriam Bratt

More access to pre-school equals better grades?

Graduate Student Mattias Hallberg finds that Swedish children spending more time at preschool growing up, are awarded better grades in math at age 16 than those who spend less time at preschool.


The IIES in the Media

  • "In a warlike situation, stimulus policy does not help."
    People opt out of consuming goods and services that involve social interaction, such as restaurant and hotel visits. This is what the Public Health Agency in Sweden recommends and it should not be counteracted with economic policy. IIES Professors John Hassler and Per Krusell in an op-ed in Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter.
  • "Act quickly, or a wave of bankruptcies awaits."
    IIES Professor Lars Calmfors comments on the effects of the new Coronavirus on businesses in Sweden, and what the government must do to prevent a wave of bankruptcies, in Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.
  • GDP may fall by several percent due to the new Coronavirus.
    The new corona virus paralyzes large parts of society. What the cost will ultimately be is impossible to say, but IIES Professor Lars Calmfors draws parallels to the fateful crisis in the 90s, in an article in Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter.
  • "The concrete problems must be addressed."
    "If companies in the export sector are terminating people then different measures may have to be taken so that these companies can retain staff." IIES Professor John Hassler interviewed in Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) on the possible effects of the new Coronavirus.


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