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About the IIES

The IIES is a research institute at Stockholm University founded in 1962. Research at the IIES covers political economy, macro, climate change and the economy, economic development, health, and the labor market.


  • More access to pre-school equals better grades? 2020-01-28 Graduate Student Mattias Hallberg's research finds that Swedish children spending more time at preschool growing up, are awarded better grades in mathematics at age 16 than children who spent less time at preschool.
  • "Coal, not oil, is the central threat to the climate" 2020-01-24 The SNS Economic Policy Council 2020 (of which professors John Hassler and Per Krusell are a part) has released a report that presents how policy should be designed to curb, and in the long term, stop global climate change.
  • Undergrad Thesis Prize awarded to Caroline Olsson 2019-12-05 IIES Research Assistant and Data Analyst, Caroline Olsson, has received the inaugural Undergraduate Thesis Prize for Global Priorities Research from the Forethought Foundation.
  • Amortization demands lack demonstrable social benefits 2019-11-11 In an op-ed in Dagens Nyheter John Hassler, Harry Flam, Lars E.O. Svensson & Robert Boije argue that every economic-policy measure should show that the benefit exceeds the cost.
  • Pull the emergency break for high-speed railways 2019-11-08 Harry Flam and John Hassler, together with colleagues from VTI, KTH and Örebro University, argue against high-speed railways in Sweden, in an op-ed in Dagens Nyheter.

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