Agneta Berge. Photo: Viktoria Garvare

Unfortunately, due to the Corona virus, she had to return to Sweden prematurely. 

"I hope to go back to Berkeley once things are back to some normality." 

What was the purpose of your visit?

The two main purposes of my visit were to get feedback on my research from faculty and students at UC Berkeley, and to broaden my perspectives on economic research in general and macro in particular by participating in their seminars and by talking to people about their and my own research. For example I am doing a macro project on savings motives among the very wealthy (together with Per Krusell and Fredrik Paues at the IIES), and at UC Berkeley they have some of the world's top macro economists plus some of the world's leading wealth inequality researchers, so it was a great opportunity to get good feedback on our research. In addition, and although the stay was short, I had time to explore some of the amazing nature that California has to offer, with deserts, forests, mountains and the Pacific coast line. 

Can you sum up your experiences from your stay?

I think that I learned the most from going to the great seminars and talking to the fantastic people there, PhD students and faculty at UC Berkeley and other visitors. To learn what issues people outside of your own institution think about and the way they go about in approaching them is a great way of broadening your mind. I also started to get a hang of constantly converting pounds, ounces, miles and Farenheit to kilograms, liters, kilometers and Celsius.

They have a very wide range of seminars each week, and of very high quality, partly because it is simply a bigger department than the IIES, so they split up more into subfields that organize their own seminar series. And the view over the San Francisco Bay is also quite different from that of the IIES!

Agneta and the IIES are very grateful to the Jan Wallander and Tom Hedelius Foundation for making her visit to the US possible. Without their generosity, our graduate students wouldn't be able to gain this vital experience, which helps to mature them into high quality researchers.

Welcome back to the IIES Agneta!