Dominik Biesalski

Hej Dominik, can you tell us a bit about your background and why you chose economics?

- Hej! I obtained my Master’s degree from the University of Zurich and Sciences Po in Paris. After that, I worked for one year as a full-time research assistant at the Department of Economics of the University of Zurich. In autumn 2019, I started my PhD studies in economics here at Stockholm University and worked as a research assistant at the IIES in parallel.

- I decided to pursue a PhD in economics as I believe that our discipline equips us with a great toolbox to understand the economic and social foundations of societies around the world: From industrialized to poor countries, from individual behavior to market-level outcomes — we can investigate such a diverse set of questions with rigorous methodologies. That way, we can (hopefully) help governments and politicians to design evidence-based policies. I think that is fantastic!

What are your research interests going forward?

- My own research lies in the field of development economics, with a special focus on topics of structural transformation, agricultural markets, and the informal sector. Concerning research methodologies, I have a strong interest in spatial methods and remote sensing approaches, which use high-resolution satellite images for economic analysis.

Why the IIES?

- Having experienced the research environment at the IIES during the past two years already, I was certain that this would be the optimal place to continue my PhD studies. It has an outstanding group in development economics (with its amazing Development Tea), provides a very supportive atmosphere and offers many opportunities to discuss research with distinguished faculty members across various fields. Plus, I didn’t want to miss out on the weekly intra-Institute football matches, of course!

Welcome as a graduate student in the fall, Dominik! Very excited that you will stay with us!