Ingvild Almås, Jonathan de Quidt and Serena Cocciolo.

Ingvild Almås, Serena Cocciolo and Jonathan de Quidt from the IIES, together with Anna Sandberg (Swedish Institute for Social Research, Stockholm University), have received a grant of 300 000 SEK from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (Kungliga Vetenskapsakademin) for their project “Gender Discrimination in the Evaluation of Teamwork".

One question the project aims to answer is whether gender discrimination increases in settings where employees work in teams compared to individual work arrangements. Most previous research on gender discrimination in the labor market has focused on individual work settings. However, production arrangements in most industries are shifting towards teamwork.

While teamwork may increase productivity and worker satisfaction, one potential downside is the difficulty of observing each team member’s contribution to the team’s joint output. Thus, teamwork may leave more room for gender stereotypes and discrimination to influence hiring and promotion decisions. The aim of this project is to explore how the prevalence of teamwork contributes to economic gender gaps.