Chloe Nibourel

Hej Chloe! Can you tell us a bit about your background, where you studied or worked before?

- After my childhood in Guadeloupe, I moved to Paris in 2012 to pursue post-secondary studies. I got accepted into a double Bachelor’s degree combining Social Sciences at Sciences Po and Mathematics at Université Pierre et Marie Curie. Later, I chose to specialize in Economics and I entered a Master’s degree shared between Sciences Po, Université Pantheon-Sorbonne, and Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. In Parallel, I got the opportunity to discover the academic world as an RA for Prof. Roberto Galbiati (CNRS). I decided to continue working as an RA at INSEAD for one additional year after my graduation. In 2018, I started my PhD at the Stockholm School of Economics. 

What research have you done in the past and/or what are your research interests going forward?

- My main research interest is Political Economy, even though I would like to start projects in Public Finance as well. I focus on applied micro technics, and I mostly use administrative data from European countries. In term of topics, I am interested in the rise of populism in western democracies, party coalition formation, and the allocation of EU funds, for example.

What's your first impression of the IIES?

- I am very pleased by the working environment at the IIES. I am grateful for the help and support I receive from my supervisor Torsten Persson. There is also a group of young assistant professors in applied micro who encourage students to be ambitious, and provide useful feedback on a regular basis. PhD students are particularly welcoming and I felt I was immediately part of the team. Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to introduce myself to everyone yet (because of the crisis), but I enjoy these random meetings in the kitchen!

Warmly welcome to the IIES, Chloe! Let's hope for a big IIES party once the pandemic is over!