Harry Flam and John Hassler

High-speed railways in Sweden have proven to be robustly socio-economically unprofitable, according to the Swedish Transport Agency's calculations. Each krona invested is estimated to provide a total of SEK 0.25 in revenue and social benefits. This is because time gains are small and the travel base is small, as well as the fact that climate and labor market effects are very moderate in relation to investment costs.

In an op-ed in Swedish daily, Dagens Nyheter, Maria Börjesson (VTI, Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute), Harry Flam and John Hassler (IIES), Lars Hultkrantz (Örebro University), Per Kågeson (KTH Royal Institute of Technology) and Jan-Eric Nilsson (VTI, Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute) argue that Swedish political party Kristdemokraterna, should make the decision to withdraw its support of high-speed railways, at their convention in Umeå this weekend.

To learn more: KD should pull the emergency break on high-speed railways (in Swedish).