Märta Almgren

Hej Märta, can you tell us a bit about your background, and what made you choose the field of economics?

- I’m currently completing my second year as a PhD Student and Research Assistant at IIES. Before I started the PhD programme I did my Bachelor in Economics at Uppsala university and my Master in Economics at Stockholm University. Alongside my master studies I worked part-time at the Macro Research desk at Nordea and at the Riksbank’s Markets Department. This developed my deep interest in macroeconomics overall and my curiosity to investigate various topics from a social scientist’s perspective.

Can you tell us a bit more about your research?

- My broad research interests within macroeconomics cover monetary policy, housing markets, labour markets, household finance and environmental macroeconomics. In a project that I’m currently working on together with Nils Landén Mammos (SU) and Matthias Hänsel (SSE), we study the importance of the housing rental market structure for the transmission of monetary policy shocks and its potential heterogeneous effects. The housing rental market has not been investigated to the same extent as the housing ownership market and we believe it might play an important role for the transmission. Going forward we also want to study the macroeconomic effects of stimulus related to the Covid-19 recession, which included measures mostly aimed at renters. 

Why the IIES?

- What particularly attracts me to the IIES is the outstanding research environment it provides. I am excited to be a part of this community and further develop my skills and shape my thinking about macroeconomic research. From attending seminars and the weekly macro group I’m also impressed by the group of striving PhD students working in macroeconomics. I am convinced I could learn a lot from the work of this ambitious peer group and develop further collaborations and joint research projects.

Märta, we are thrilled to keep having you around!