Matti Mitrunen thesis defense

Matti Mitrunen defended his thesis "Essays on the Political Economy of Development" on Friday 6 September with flying colors! We are very grateful to Noam Yuchtman at London School of Economics for taking his time to act as opponent during the defense. New adventures now await Matti and we were of course curious to know more.

What is the main theme of your thesis?

The thesis does not really have a clear overreaching theme but the chapters revolve around economic history. Especially industrial policy, conflict, and national identity.

How do you feel now that you have successfully defended your thesis and it is in print?

I feel very excited and relieved!

What are you future plans?

I will be in Chicago for a year and try to get these chapters published.

We wish Matti all the best and look forward to follow him in the world of economics for many years to come!