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Assar Lindbeck, Foto: Markus Marcetic © KVA

Universities have three tasks - Assar Lindbeck was brilliant at them all

Nils Lundgren has written an obituary in Ekonomisk Debatt lovingly reminiscing over both his deep friendship with Assar, but also Assar's contributions to economics and Swedish policy debate.

Assar Lindbeck

IFN's tribute to Assar Lindbeck

Assar Lindbeck died on August 28, at the age of 90. For many years he was Professor and head of the Institute for International Economics (IIES) at Stockholm University. Since 1995, he divided his time between IFN and IIES and was fully active in research and public debate until his death. His importance for Swedish economic research cannot be overestimated.

Assar Lindbeck in his office

Assar Lindbeck's significance for Swedish economics and public debate can not be overestimated

"Professor Assar Lindbeck died on 28 August at the age of 90, to the great sorrow and loss of us colleagues in Swedish economics, as well as of many others in Swedish society."

Assar Lindbeck

Assar Lindbeck's last scientific paper

Assar Lindbeck always continued to conduct economic research. Only a few weeks ago one of his papers was accepted for publication in the European Economic Review: "Delegation of Investment Decisions, and Optimal Remuneration of Agents".

Newspaper articles - in memory

Assar Lindbeck was not only of huge importance as an economist, he was also very popular amongst friends, family and colleagues. Here is a selection of newspaper articles and obituaries on Assar's life and work.

Obituary - by Lars Calmfors

"[H]e created an extremely creative research environment in which research ideas were continuously aired and formal status was totally irrelevant: all that counted was the strength of the arguments."

Assar Lindbeck. Photo: Niklas Björling/Stockholm University

In memoriam - by John Hassler & Per Krusell

"We remember Assar as a fundamentally warm and caring person who has meant a lot to many, many people around him." - IIES Professors John Hassler and Per Krusell's memories of Assar Lindbeck.

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