Newspaper articles (in Swedish):

Interviews (in Sweden and Finland):

May 6: The fight against Corona, Studio Ett, Sveriges Radio.
April 30: Heavyweights positive to new financial support, Svenska Dagbladet. 
April 25: Business went better than expected in March: "Maybe because we kept society open", SVT Nyheter. 
April 29: Reformation of the Swedish Public Employment Service is back on track: "Unbelievable", Svenska Dagbladet. 
April 28: Swedish researcher on the Corona economy: Norway performs best, Finland is worst off, Hufvudstadsbladet. 
April 16: Comments on the Spring Budget, Fores. 
April 16: Professors predict higher retirement age and higher taxes: "We are getting poorer", Dagens Industri. 
April 15: The Economics Professors: "Pump in more money" (including comments by IIES Professor Harry Flam), SVT Nyheter. 
April 15: The record sums - how can the Government afford it?, Svenska Dagbladet. 
April 14: The Government eases the rules for short-term temporary lay-offs, Studio Ett, Sveriges Radio.
April 9: The Professor: Will result in unnecessary bankruptcies without more financial support, Aftonbladet.
April 3: Corona-Economy-Crisis, Podcast (including IIES Professor John Hassler), Fores. 
April 2: 15 billion SEK to local authorities - how far will it go?, Studio Ett, Sveriges Radio.
March 28: Ruotsalaisekonomisti varoittaa Suomea kasvavan valtionvelan riskeistä - "The real world crisis in the financial crisis", Kauppalehti. 
March 24: Lars Calmfors: "It's a matter of urgency", Dagens Industri/Expressen TV
March 23: The Government must act fast - otherwise a wave of bankruptcies awaits, Aftonbladet.
March 23: Economics Professor: "Much more is needed from the Government", SVT Nyheter. 
March 22: Pension Fund CEO: "We must have a plan", SVT Nyheter.
March 22: Economists sound the alarm - warning of depression, Svenska Dagbladet. 
March 20: Lars Calmfors: Closed restaurants can save the economy, Dagens Industri.
March 20: Sweden's Minister of Financial Markets: "Does not exclude further measures", Dagens Industri. 
March 20: This is how deep the Corona crisis will get, Svenska Dagbladet. 
March 20: Economics Professor: "You have relied too much on the Public Health Authority", Dagens Industri/Expressen TV
March 15: Economist on the Corona crisis: "May be a GDP fall of several percent", Dagens Nyheter.