The new US Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen, suggests much stricter regulations of the financial sector. Downey believes that the banks on Wall Street will appreciate Yellen, even with stricter regulations. The reason? They want predictability.

- It is difficult for the banks to act with foresight if the future prospects are uncertain. And the biggest force of uncertainty was Trump, he says.

Some say the appointment of Janet Yellen is problematic as she made millions in fees during the past two years giving lectures at banks, consulting companies and hedge funds, arguing this could mean there's a conflict of interest when these companies are to be regulated.

Mitch Downey agrees that the fees are controversial.

- The progressives do not like it. But money and politics are always controversial and you can not find a completely pure congressman, he says and emphasizes Yellen's experience from the US Federal Reserve.

- Yellen is uniquely knowledgeable because she has been so central in the financial sector, and whoever understands the business world and has experience is important.

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