Our faculty’s expertise spans a wide rage of policy relevant research. Many of our researchers frequently appear in media and are happy to discuss matters related to their field. If you are a member of the press and media, please feel free to contact them directly.  If you are unsure who to contact or have general questions about the IIES, please email our communications officers. You can also find information about all our staff here.

This list will be updated continuously.

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Bild: Viktoria
Languages: Norwegian, English and Swedish

Ingvild Almås is a Professor at the IIES as of 1 July 2018. She has a PhD from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH, 2007) where she also later became a professor (2017). Almås' research is mainly focused on gaining a better understanding of economic inequalities.The categories below are her fields of expertise:


  • Redistribution, support in population across the world.
  • Measurements of real income, inequality and poverty.
  • Cross country comparisons of prices and consumption.
  • Development Economics

Ingvild Almås frequently appears in national and international media.


Bild: Jasmine Nilsson
Languages: English, Italian and Spanish

Francesco Loicano is a graduate student. He joined the IIES in 2018. His research is Development Economics. Currently working on a randomized controlled trial aiming to understand how to reduce frictions to labor market participations of refugees in Uganda.

  • Some specific subareas and questions: How credit shapes small and medium businesses’ growth; How to improve transparency and competition in public procurement in developing countries.
  • Current focus: How to improve refugees’ welfare in developing countries.




Bild: Jasmine Nilsson
Languages: Swedish and English.

Harry Flam is Professor Emeritus of International Economics. His field of expertise are:

  • European economic integration, including trade, investment, monetary and fiscal issues.
  • Trade theory and policy

Harry Flam has frequently been giving interviews and appeared on several media platforms. You can find him on Swedish Radio and television, in Swedish newspapers and also on National Public Radio (US).




Languages: English and Mandarin

Xueping Sun is a graduate student at the IIES. Her main research field is political economy, with a special focus on China development. She has worked on a few projects to understand how political competition affects politician’s accountability to the party and the people in China. Following are examples of the research she conducts.


  • Measuring politician’s activities and policy choice with text data
  • Political turnover in China: the trade-off between economic growth and political control
  • Healthcare of the bureaucrats and healthcare of the people



Languages: Swedish and English

John Hassler is a Professor at the IIES. His research fields are:

  • Economics of Climate Change
  • Economic Growth
  • Fiscal and Monetary Policy
  • Social Mobility
  • Tax Policy

John Hassler is frequently contacted by the press and media and has appeared in Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, Sveriges Television, Sveriges Radio, TV4, Dagens Industri, Affärsvärlden, Reuters, AP and various foreign printed and broadcasted media.


Languages: Swedish and English

Per Krusell is a Professor at the IIES, His research area is Macroeconomics. Some specific subareas and questions:

  • The role of technological change for economic growth and labor markets.
  • The causes of inequality among consumers in their income and wealth.
  • Political economy and public finance; tools for understanding the interaction between macroeconomic fluctuations and inequality.

Current focus: A long-term research project on global climate change and its interaction with the economy, in collaboration with natural scientists.

He frequently appears in both national and international media.


Foto: Jasmine Nilsson
Languages: English, German and French

Tobias Broer is an Assistant Professor at the IIES. He has previously worked as an economist for the Bank of England and the Central Bank of Chile, where he worked on monetary aggregates and monetary policy strategy. His fields of expertise are:

  • Monetary Policy
  • Household Finance
  • International Economics



Foto: Jasmine Nilsson
Languages: English and German

Timo Boppart is an Assistant Professor at the IIES. His research field is macroeconomics in general and particularly in growth, distrubution and development. Some specific subareas and questions:


  • Economic growth and technological change; labour supply, long-run trends in macroeconomic aggregates (e.g. capital and savings; TFP, labour income share, hours worked); structural change, firm dynamics.





Bild: Jasmine Nilsson
Language: English

Mitch Downey is an Assistant Professor at the IIES. Mitch joined the IIES in 2018. He obtained his PhD in economics from the University of California San Diego. Mitch works on issues on political economy (both high-income and low-income countries) and in labor economics.

  • Primary area: Political Economics
  • Broadly speaking: Political pressures in the United States
  • Specifically: How political pressures affect bureaucracies and government performance; the effects of money in politics; political influences in how regulation is implemented
  • Secondary area: Labor Economics
  • Broadly speaking: The causes and effects of broad trends in the labor market
  • Specifically: The effects of technologies that replace workers; the decline of labor unions in the United States; the growth of wage inequality in many countries