At the office

  • Switch off computers and printers in offices at the end of the day (unless absolutely necessary to keep them on).
  • Switch off lights in seminar room and lunch room at the end of the day.
  • Avoid unnecessary printing.
  • If you need to print something, always print double sided, and in black and white, unless absolutely necessary to print one sided or in color. Double sided printing should be set by default on your computer, if not, speak to our IT Manager.

When travelling

  • Use public transport or cycle to and from work rather than using your car.
  • Use public transport when travelling to and from the airport. If travelling by taxi you are required to choose a taxi company with an environmental certificate (for eg. Taxi 020, Taxi Stockholm) Bookable via:

- (or their app)

- (or their app)

  • Avoid stopovers when travelling within Europe (that is, if your final destination is within European borders).
  • When possible, consider travel-free meetings, i.e. conference calls, video meetings or video conferences.

  • Domestic travel: Aim to travel by train (or other public transport) rather than by air when travelling within Sweden (especially distances shorter than 500 kilometers) – to reduce our carbon foot print.