Research at the IIES covers a wide variety of areas, such as political economy, macro, climate change and the economy, economic development, mass media, and the labor market. It is guided by the interests of the researchers and not by any central directives.
Leading Publications

The IIES seeks to foster an excellent research environment by maintaining an active seminar program and being an integral part of the international research community in economics. A large number of researchers from many countries and different parts of the world visit the Institute and give seminars every year.
Seminars & other Academic Events

PhD students writing their dissertations at the IIES and being advised by the research staff contribute much to the research environment and have made a sizable contribution to the publication record in leading journals. Many students go on to careers at universities around the world, including some of the best.
IIES Placements (105 Kb)

To help secure the best possible research staff and PhD program, recruitment of researchers and PhD students is international. A majority of both new researchers and students are from abroad.

Researchers also teach in the programs offered by the Department of Economics, particularly the PhD program. A large part of the courses in the PhD program are taught by IIES staff.

Several members of the staff take part in public affairs and have influenced public policies. They often appear in the media, participate prominently in the public economic discourse and serve in government commissions of inquiry.