First and foremost, we house a number (currently over 30) graduate students, who all work toward their PhDs in economics (there are usually also some visiting students here). Their research is supervised by IIES faculty and it is a central pride of our department. IIES students are admitted when they have begun their dissertation work, i.e., after completing most of their coursework.

Second, faculty at the IIES of course teach courses on different levels: undergraduate, master’s, and PhD. Since all of our faculty teach in the PhD program, our PhD students therefore first meet and get to know them in the context of the course-work phase of their education. On the master’s level we teach a number of courses too, including development economics and climate and the economy. One of the largest undergraduate classes of the entire university, moreover, is taught by IIES faculty member John Hassler!

Much more on the Stockholm University PhD program and how to apply can be found here.