Job Talk!
Thursday January 16, Ilse Lindenlaub, EUI
 Sorting Multidimensional Types: Theory and Application (2974 Kb)

Job Talk!
Friday January 17, Miikka Rokkanen, MIT
Exam Schools, Ability, and the E ffects of Affirmative Action: Latent Factor Extrapolation in the Regression Discontinuity Design  PDF (1196 Kb)
NB! Job Talk at 13.30!

Job Talk!
January 20, Kathrin Schlafmann, University of Munich
Housing, Mortgages, and Self Control (389 Kb)

Job Talk!
Tuesday January 21, Julien Labonne, Oxford University
 Do Politicians' Relatives Get Better Jobs? Evidence from Municipal Elections in the Philippines (331 Kb)

Job Talk!
January 22, Alexandre Kohlhas, University of Cambridge
 Learning-by-Sharing: Monetary Policy and the Information Content of Aggregate Variables (1212 Kb)

Job Talk!
Thursday January 23, Kurt Mitman, University of Pennsylvania
Macroeconomic Effects of Bankruptcy & Foreclosure Policies (1158 Kb)

Job Talk!
Tuesday January 28, Sebastian Stumpner, UC Berkeley
Trade and the Geographical Spread of the Great Recession (872 Kb)

Job Talk!
January 29, Anna Sandberg, Stockholm School of Economics
Competing Biases: Effects of Gender and Nationality in Sports Judging (569 Kb)

Job Talk!
Thursday January 30, Haishan Yuan, University of Maryland
National Representation and Local Public Expenditure: A Natural Experiment from Japan (2856 Kb)

Job Talk!
Monday February 3, Vincent Pons, MIT
Voter Registration Costs and Disenfranchisement: Experimental Evidence from France (1022 Kb)

Job Talk!
Tuesday February 4, Raul Sanchez de la Sierra, Columbia University
On the Origin of States: Stationary Bandits and Taxation in Eastern Congo

Job Talk!
February 5, Michaela Pagel, UC Berkeley
 Expectations-Based Reference-Dependent Life-Cycle Consumption (970 Kb)

Job Talk!
Thursday February 6, Arash Nekoei, Harvard University
Does Extending Unemployment Benefits Improve Job Quality?

Job Talk!
Monday February 10, Johannes Haushofer, MIT
 Household Response to Income Changes: Evidence from an Unconditional Cash Transfer Program in Kenya (850 Kb)

Job Talk!

Tuesday February 11, Claudia Steinwender, LSE
Information Frictions and the Law of One Price: “When the States and the Kingdom became United”

Job Talk!
Tuesday February 18, Arna Vardardottir, Stockholm School of Economics
Bargaining Over Risk: The Impact of Decision Household Portfolios

Job Talk!
February 19, Joan Monras, Columbia University
Immigration and Wage Dynamics: Evidence from the Mexican Peso Crisis (1509 Kb)

Tuesday March 4, Christopher Sleet, Carnegie Mellon
"Tasks, Talents and Taxes"

Job Talk!
Thursday March 6, Harald Fadinger, University of Vienna
"Offshoring with Heterogeneous Firms"

Thursday March 6, Marieke Bos, SOFI

Tuesday March 11, Imran Rasul, UCL

Thursday March 13, Robert Sugden, University of East Anglia
"Why Incoherent Preferences do Not Make Paternalism Inevitable"

Tuesday March 18, Gueorgui Kambourov, University of Toronto
Relationship Skills in the Labor and Marriage Markets

Thursday March 20, Gharad Bryan, LSE
Under-investment in a Profitable Technology: The Case of Seasonal Migration in Bangladesh (2255 Kb)

Tuesday March 25, Ernesto Dal Bo, UC Berkeley
"The Demand for Bad Policy When Voters Underappreciate Equilibrium Effects"

Thursday March 27, Rocco Macchiavello, University of Warwick
"Trust, Efficiency and Organization of Rwanda Coffee Washing Station"

Tuesday April 1, Monica Martinez-Bravo, CEMFI
"Educate to Lead? The Effect of Politicians’ Education on Public Good Provision: Evidence from Java"

Thursday April 3, Georg Duernecker, Mannheim University and IIES
"On the Allocation of Time"

Tuesday April 8, Francois Gourio, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
"Financial Distress and Endogenous Uncertainty"

Thursday April 10, Hakki Yazici, Sabanci University and IIES
"Differential Taxation of Capital"

Tuesday April 22, Alex Peysakhovich, Harvard University and Yale University
Habits of Virtue: Creating Norms of Cooperation and Defection in the Laboratory
The Cooperative Phenotype
Social Heuristics Shape Intuitive Cooperation

Thursday April 24, Erik Wengström, Lund University
Risk Aversion Relates to Cognitive Ability: Preferences or Noise? (273 Kb)

Tuesday April 29, Tim Lee, University of Mannheim
The Option Value of Human Capital

Tuesday May 6, Philippe Aghion, Harvard University and IIES
Inducing Leaders to take Risky Decisions: Dismissal, Tenure and Term Limits (734 Kb)

Thursday May 8, Ariel Rubenstein, Tel Aviv University and NYU
Back to Fundamentals: Abstract Competitive Equilibrium

Tuesday May 13, Nils-Petter Lagerlöf, York University
Statehood, Democracy, and Preindustrial Development

Thursday May 15, Ethan Kaplan, University of Maryland
"The Turnout and Partisanship Consequences of Restrictive Voting Laws in the United States"

Tuesday May 20, Pete Klenow, Stanford University
Entry Costs Rise with Development
NB! Seminar at 10:00 am!

Thursday May 22, Wolfram Schlenker, Columbia University
Weather Anomalies, Crop Yields, and Migration in the US Corn Belt (2990 Kb)

Tuesday May 27, Oleg Itskhoki, Princeton University
Optimal Development Policies with Financial Frictions

Monday June 2, Randy Wright, University of Michigan

Thursday June 5, Petra Persson, Stanford University
"Family Ruptures and Intergenerational Transmission of Stress"

Tuesday June 10, Rebecca Diamond, Stanford University
"The Determinants and Welfare Implications of US Workers' Diverging Location Choices by Skill: 1980-2000"
NB! New time! Seminar at 1:00 pm!

Thursday June 12, Tommaso Nannicini, Bocconi University
How Do Voters Respond to Information? Evidence from a Randomized Campaign
NB! Seminar at 10:00!

Tuesday June 17, Jim Snyder, Harvard University