If you wish to obtain a Zoom-link to join a seminar, or have any questions, please contact IIES Seminar Series Administrator, Ulrika Gålnander, at ulrika.galnander@iies.su.se.

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Thesis Defenses

All defenses in Fall 2020 will be accessible to the public via Zoom. Links to join remotely are posted in the Events Calendar on the IIES homepage before each defense.

Thursday 10 September at 15:00

Kasper Kragh-Sørensen
Title: On Housing, Mortgages, and Taxation
Opponent: Jonathan Heathcote, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.

Friday 11 September at 9:00

Markus Karlman
Title: Essays on Housing: tax treatment, prices, and macroeconomic implications
Opponent: Peter Englund, Stockholm School of Economics.

Friday 11 September at 15:00

Karin Kinnerud
Title: Financial Choice and Public Policy
Opponent: Gianluca Violante, Princeton University.

Thursday 22 October at 13.00

Selene Ghisolfi
Title: TBA
Opponent: Aureo De Paola, UCL

Seminars in the IIES Seminar Series

All seminars for fall 2020 at the IIES are via zoom and at 13.00 unless otherwise stated.

Please contact seminar admin ulrika.galnander@iies.su.se if you have an interest in joining a seminar via Zoom.

Thursday 3 September at 14:00

Jaakko Meriläinen, ITAM
"The violent origins of Finnish Equality" with Mitrunen & Virkola.

Tuesday 22 September 13.00

Alessandra Peter, IIES/NYU

"Houses and Families across Countries" with Monika Piazzesi and Martin Schneider

Thursday 24 September 15.00

Esteban Rossi-Hansberg, Princeton University

"The Economic Geography of Climate Change” with Jose-Luis Cruz

Tuesday 29 September 13.00

Ines Helm, Dept of Economics, Stockholm University

"The dynamic response of municipal budgets to revenue shocks" with Jan Stuhler

Thursday 1 October 13.00

Abhijeet Singh, SSE

"Myths of Official Measurement: Auditing and Improving Administrative Data in Developing Countries"

Tuesday 6 October

Andreas Madestam, Dept of Economics, Stockholm University

Tuesday 10 November

Kirill Bousyak, UCL

Thursday 11 November

Golvine de Rochambeu, Sciences Po, Paris

Thursday 26 November

Silvana Tenreyo, Bank of England

Tuesday 1 December

Roland Rathelot, University of Warwick

Thursday 3 December

Monica Martinez-Bravo, CEMFI

More names to come.