The Seminar Papers make up the IIES' working paper series and was initiated in 1971. The series has since been discontinued, however, papers from 2002-2015 are available for download below.

Papers preceding 2002 are available upon request. Please contact Hanna Weitz.

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773. Shuhei Kitamura and Nils-Petter Lagerlöf, "Natural Borders".


772. Alexander Hamilton and Jakob Svensson: "The Vicious Circle of Poverty, Poor Public Service Provision, and State Legitimacy: A View from the Ground in Sudan".


771. Lars Calmfors, Girts Dimdins, Marie Gustafsson Sandén, Henry Montgomery and Ulrika Stavlöt, "Why Do People Dislike Low-Wage Trade Competition with Posted Workers in the Service Sector?".

770. Lars Calmfors, "Sweden: From Macroeconomic Failure to Macroeconomic Success".


769. Lars Calmfors, "The Swedish Fiscal Policy Council".

768. Lars Calmfors and Simon Wren-Lewis, "What Should Fiscal Councils Do?".

767. Lars Calmfors, "The Role of Independent Fiscal Policy Institutions".

766. Maria Cheung and Maria Perrotta, "The Impact of a Food For Education Program on Schooling in Cambodia".


765. Lars Calmfors, "Fiscal Policy Coordination in Europe".

764. Lars Calmfors, "The Swedish Fiscal Policy Council-Experiences and Lessons".

763. Assar Lindbeck and Mats Persson, "A Continuous Theory of Income Insurance".

762. Daron Acemoglu, Philippe Aghion, Leonardo Bursztyn and David Hemous, "The Environment and Directed Technical Change".


761. Andreas Nordvall Lagerås and David Seim, "How Do Interactions Influence Formation of Social Networks? A General Microfounded Explanation".

760. Lars Calmfors and Anna Larsson, "Pattern Bargaining and Wage Leadership in a Small Open Economy".

759. Anders Fredriksson, "Informal Firms, Investment Incentives and Formalization".

758. Anders Fredriksson, "Dispatchers".


757. von Below, David and Torsten Persson, "Uncertainty, Climate Change and the Global Economy".

756. Lindbeck, Assar and Mats Persson, "A Contiuous Model of Income Insurance".

755. Lindbeck, Assar, "Prospects for the Welfare State".


754. Reinikka, Ritva and Jakob Svensson, "Working for God? Evidence form a Change in Financing of not-for-profit Health Care Providers in Uganda".

753. Gonzalez-Eiras, Martin and Jose Mauricio Prado, Jr., "Determinants of Capital Intensive and R&D Intensive Foreign Direct Investment".

752. Alonso, Irasema and Jose Mauricio Prado, Jr., "Ambiguity Aversion, the Equity Premium and the Welfare Costs of Business Cycles".

751. Prado, Jr., Jose Mauricio "Government Policy in the Formal and Informal Sectors".


750. Flam, Harry and Håkan Nordström, "Euro Effects on the Intensive and Extensive Margins of Trade".

749. Björkman, Martina, Ritva Reinikka and Jakob Svensson, "Local Accountability".

748. DellaVigna, Stefano and Ethan Kaplan, "The Fox News Effect: Media Bias and Voting".

747. Tonin, Mirco, "The Effects of the Minimum Wage in an Economy with Tax Evasion".

746. Flam, Harry and Håkan Nordström, "Trade Volume Effects of the Euro: Aggregate and Sector Estimates".

745. Larsson, Anna, "Monetary Regimes, Labour Mobility and Equilibrium Employment".

744. Björkman, Martina, "Income Shocks and Gender Gaps in Education: Evidence from Uganda".

743. Lindbeck, Assar, Mårten Palme and Mats Persson, "Job Security and Work Absence: Evidence from a Natural Experiment".

742. Lindbeck, Assar and Mats Persson, "A Model of Income Insurance and Social Norms".

741. Persson, Mats and Claes-Henric Siven, "The Becker Paradox and Type I vs. Type II Errors in the Economics of Crime".


740. Cúrdia, Vasco and Daria Finocchiaro, "An Estimated DSGE Model for Sweden with a Monetary Regime Change".

739. Lindbeck, Assar, "Sustainable Social Spending".

738. Queijo, Virginia, "How important are Financial Frictions for the U.S. and Euro Area?".

737. Bonfiglioli, Alessandra, "Equities and Inequality".

736. Bonfiglioli, Alessandra, "How does Financial Liberalization affect Economic Growth?".

735. Doepke, Matthias, and Fabrizio Zilibotti, "Patience Capital and the Demise of the Aristocracy".

734. Persson, Mats, Torsten Persson, and Lars E.O. Svensson, "Time Consistency of Fiscal and Monetary Policy: A Solution".


733. Lindbeck, Assar, and Dirk Niepelt, "Improving the SGP: Taxes and Delegation Rather than Fines".

732. Niepelt, Dirk, "Social Security Reform: Economics and Politics".

731. Gonzalez-Eiras, Martín, and Dirk Niepelt, "Sustaining Social Security".

730. Bengtsson, Claes, Mats Persson and Peter Willenhag, "Gender and Overconfidence".

729. Olovsson, Conny, "Social Security and the Equity Premium Puzzle".

728. Olovsson, Conny, "The Welfare Gains of Improving Risk Sharing in Social Security".

727. Olovsson, Conny, "Why do Europeans Work so Little?".


726. Ticchi, Davide, and Andrea Vindigni, "Endogenous Constitutions".

725. Lindbeck, Assar, and Dennis Snower, "The Firm as a Pool of Factor Complementarities".

724. Svedberg, Peter, "World Income Distribution: Which Way?".

723. Svedberg, Peter, and John E. Tilton, "The Real Real Price of Nonrenewable Resources: Copper 1870-2000".

722. Niepelt, Dirk, "Intra-Generational Conflict: The Role of Balanced Budget Rules".

721. Niepelt, Dirk, "Tax Evasion Dynamics".

720. Gancia, Gino A., "Globalization, Divergence and Stagnation".

719. Lindbeck, Assar, "An Essay on Welfare State Dynamics".

718. Flam, Harry, "Turkey and the EU: Politics and Economics of Accession".

717. Lindbeck, Assar, "Improving the Performance of the European Social Model:
The Welfare State over the Life Cycle


716. Calmfors, Lars, and Åsa Johansson, "Nominal Wage Flexibility, Wage Indexation and Monetary Union".

715. Persson, Mats, and Agnar Sandmo, "Taxation and Tournaments".

714. Lindbeck, Assar, "The European Social Model: Lessons for DevelopingCountries" .

713. Svensson, Jakob, "Who Must Pay Bribes and How Much?: Evidence from a Cross-Section of Firms".

712. Lindbeck, Assar, and Mats Persson, "The Gains from Pension Reform".

711. Niepelt, Dirk, "Tax Smoothing versus Tax Shifting".

710. Niepelt, Dirk, "The Fiscal Myth of the Price Level".

709. Groth, Charlotta, and Åsa Johansson, "Bargaining Structure and Nominal Wage Flexibility".

708. Johansson, Åsa, "The Interaction Between Labor Market Policy and Monetary Policy: An Analysis of Time Inconsistency Problems".

707. Epifani, Paolo, and Gino A. Gancia, "The Skill Bias of World Trade".

706. Strömberg, David, "Optimal Campaigning in Presidential Elections: The Probability of Being Florida".