In the paper Assar and his long-term collaborator Jörgen Weibull analyse whether the lavish compensation schemes of professional investors might be optimal given all the complications in designing such contracts - a highly contested issue in public debates. While they find that a large base pay might be an optimal contractual arrangement, their analysis suggests that existing compensation schemes, frequently featuring large bonuses, over-reward professional investors for investments that yield large returns. 

Assar Lindbeck and Jörgen Weibull had a highly successful collaboration for decades. Their most impactful contribution was a seminal paper they published in 1987 introducing the probabilistic voting model, a model that is a corner-stone of modern political economics.

Assar Lindbeck, and Jörgen W. Weibull (1987). "Balanced-budget Redistribution as the Outcome of Political Competition." Public Choice, 52(3), 273-297.

Assar Lindbeck, and Jörgen W. Weibull (forthcoming). "Delegation of Investment Decisions, and Optimal Remuneration of Agents." European Economic Review.