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Job Talks

Monday 13 January at 10:00 (NB! Day and time!)

Dita Eckardt, London School of Economics
Title: Are Chemists Good Bankers? Returns to the Match between Training and Occupation.

Wednesday 15 January at 13:30 (NB! Day and time!)

Bruno Pellegrino, University of California, Los Angeles
Title: Product Differentiation, Oligopoly, and Resource Allocation.

Friday 17 January at 10:00 (NB! Day and time!)

Pengpeng Xiao, Yale University
Title: Wage and Employment Discrimination by Gender in Labor Market Equilibrium.

Monday 20 January at 10:00 (NB! Day and time!)

Juliette Thibaud, University of Zurich
Title: Aiming Higher: Spillover Effects of Affirmative Action in Higher Education.

Friday 24 January at 10:00 (NB! Day and time!)

Laia Navarro-Sola, Northwestern University
Title: Secondary School Expansion through Televised Lessons: The Labor Market Returns of the Mexican Telesecundaria.

Monday 27 January at 15:00 (NB! Day and time!)

Joshua Weiss, New York University
Title: Intangible Investment and Market Concentration.

Wednesday 29 January at 13:30 (NB! Day and time!)

Nick Sander, University of California, Berkeley
Title: Causal Effects of Capital Inflows.

Thursday 30 January at 10:00 (NB! Time!)

Yoko Okuyama, Yale University
Title: Toward Better Informed Decision-Making: The Impacts of a Mass Media Campaign on Women's Outcomes in Occupied Japan.

Friday 31 January at 10:00 (NB! Day and time!)

Maarten de Ridder, Cambridge University
Title: Market Power and Innovation in the Intangible Economy.

Monday 3 February at 10:00 (NB! Day and time!)

Susanna Berkouwer, University of California, Berkeley
Title: Credit and Attention in the Adoption of Porfitable Energy Efficient Technologies in Kenya. (with Joshua T. Dean)

Tuesday 4 February at 13:00 (NB! Day and time!)

Katarina Jensen, University of California, Berkeley
Title: The Political Consequences of Immigration: Evidence from Refugee Shocks in Denmark.

Seminars in the IIES Seminar Series

Thursday 5 March at 10:00

Weijie Zhong, Cowles Foundation/Stanford GSB
Title: TBA

Thursday 12 March at 10:00

Joachim Hubmer, University of Pennsylvania
Title: TBA

Tuesday 17 March at 13:00

Ricardo Lagos, New York University
Title: TBA

Thursday 2 April at 10:00

Federico Huneeus, Yale University
Title: TBA

Tuesday 14 April at 13:00

Rachael Meager, LSE
Title: TBA

Thursday 16 April at 10:00

Jose Ignacio Cuesta, Stanford SIEPR
Title: TBA

Tuesday 28 April at 13:00

Javier Bianchi, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Title: TBA

Tuesday 12 May at 13:00

Stefania Albanesi, University of Pittsburgh
Title: TBA

Thursday 14 May at 10:00

Olivier Coibon, UT Austin
Title: TBA

Tuesday 26 May at 13:00

Laura Alfaro, Harvard Business School
Title: TBA

Tuesday 2 June at 13:00

Sydnee Caldwell, Microsoft Research New England/UC Berkeley
Title: TBA

Thursday 4 June at 10:00

Clare Balboni, MIT
Title: TBA