Fall 2007

Tuesday September 4, Paul Segerstrom, SSE
Title: "Trade Liberalization and Productivity Growth"

Tuesday September 11, Torsten Persson, IIES
Title: "The Origins of State Capacity: Property Rights, Taxation, and Politics"
(with Tim Besley)

Thursday September 13, Masayuki Kudamatsu, IIES
Title: "Ethnic Favoritism: Micro Evidence from Guinea"

Tuesday September 18, Rocco Macchiavello, Oxford
Title: "The Organization of Exports in a Growing Industry: Chilean Wine in the UK"

Tuesday September 25, Jon Faust, Johns Hopkins University
Title: "Comparing Greenbook and Reduced Form Forecasts using a Large Realtime Dataset"

Thursday September 27, Rebecca Morton, New York University
Title: "The Effects of Identities, Incentives, and Information on Voting"

Thursday October 4, Martin Flodén, SSE
Title: "Vintage Capital and Expectations Driven Business Cycles"

Tuesday October 9, Jörgen Weibull, SSE
Title: "Incentives for Informative Voting"
(with Jean-Francois Laslier)

Thursday October 11, Wouter Den Haan, University of Amsterdam
Title: "Ancipated Growth and Business Cycles in Matching Models"
(with Georg Kaltenbrunner)

Tuesday October 16, Juuso Välimäki, Helsinki School of Economics
Title: "Dynamic Marginal Contribution Mechanism"
(with Dirk Bergemann)

Thursday October 25, Jeremy Lise, UCL
Title: "Matching, Sorting and Wages"
(with Costas Meghir and Jean-Marc Robin)

Thursday November 8, Francesco Caselli, LSE
Title: "On the Theory of Ethnic Conflict"

Tuesday November 13, Niku Määttänen, ETLA
Title: "The Optimal Tax Treatment of Housing Capital in the Neoclassical Growth Model"

Tuesday November 20, Victor Lavy, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Title: "Mechanisms and Impacts of Gender Peer Effects at School"
(with Analia Schlosser)

Wednesday November 21, at 10:00, Alberto Alesina, Harvard University
Title: "Gender Based Taxation and the Division of Family Chores"
(with Andrea Ichino and Loukas Karabarbounis)

Tuesday November 27, Pavel Pelikan, Prague University of Economics
Title: "Allocation of Scarce Resources when Rationality is one of them: Some Consequences of Cognitive Inequalities for Theory and Policy"

Tuesday December 4, Per Pettersson-Lidbom, Stockholm University
Title: "The Policy Consequences of Direct versus Representative Democracy: A Regression Discontinuity Approach"
(with Björn Tyrefors)

Tuesday December 11, Aleh Tsyvinski, Harvard University
Title: "Political Economy and Structure of Taxation"

Thursday December 20, Kaj Thomsson, Yale University
Title: "A Model of the Regional Distributon of New Deal Funds"
(with Alessandro Bonatti)