Friday January 23 at 14.00, James Berry, MIT
Title: "Child Control in Education Decisions: An Evaluation of Targeted Incentives to Learn in India"

Monday January 26, Kaj Thomsson, YALE
Title: "Public and Private Welfare State Institutions"

Tuesday January 27, Tessa Bold, Oxford University
Title: "Implications of Endogenous Group Formation for Efficient Risk-Sharing"

Wednesday January 28, Eric Weese, MIT
Title: "Political Mergers as Coalition Formation: Evidence from Japanese Municipal Amalgamations"

Monday February 2, Almut Balleer, University of Bonn
Title: "New Evidence: Old Puzzles: Technology Shocks and Labor Market Dymanics"

Thursday February 5, Ethan Ilzetzki, University of Maryland
Title: "Rent-Seeking Distortions and Fiscal Procyclicality"

Monday February 9, Tamas Papp, Princeton University
Title: "Explaining Frictional Wage Dispersion"

Tuesday February 10, David Dorn, Boston University
Title: "Price and Prejudice: The Interaction between Preferences and Incentives in the Dynamics of Racial Segregation"

Thursday February 19, Tobias Broer, European University Institute
Title: "Domestic or Global Imbalances? Rising Inequality and the Fall in the US Current Account"