Tuesday January 18, Dina Pomeranz, Harvard University
Title: "No Taxation Without Information: Deterrence and Self-Enforcement in the Value Added Tax"

Thursday January 20, Yanhui Wu, London School of Economics
Title: "Authority, Incentives and Performance: Theory and Evidence from a Chinese Newspaper"

Tuesday January 25, Konrad B. Burchardi, London School of Economics
Title: "The Economic Impact of Social Ties: Evidence from German Reunification"

Thursday January 27, Vincent Sterk, Amsterdam School of Economics
Title: "Home equity, Mobility and Macroeconomic Fluctuations"

Monday January 31, Katherine Casey, Brown University
Title: "Crossing Party Lines: The Effects of Information on Redistributive Politics"

Thursday February 3, Thomas Sampson, Harvard University
Title: "Assignment Reversals: Trade, Skill Allocation and Wage Inequality"

Friday February 4 at 14.00 Christian Dippel, University of Toronto
Title: "Forced Coexistence and Economic Development – Evidence from Native American Reservations"

Tuesday February 8, Anna Dreber Almenberg, SIFR
Title: "Gender Differences in Competitiveness and Risk Taking"

Wednesday February 9, Mathieu Taschereau-Dumouchel, Princeton University
Title: "The Union Threat"

Thursday February 10, Thomas Fujiwara, University of British Columbia
Title: "Voting Technology, Political Responsiveness, and Infant Health: Evidence from Brazil"

Monday February 14, Camilo Garcia-Jimeno, MIT
Title: "The Political Economy of Moral Conflict: An Empirical Study of Learning and Law Enforcement under Prohibition"

Wednesday February 16, Leopoldo Fergusson, MIT
Title: "Media Markets, Special Interests, and Voters"