Friday January 13, David Hémous, Harvard University
Title: "Environmental Policy and Directed Technical Change in a Global Economy: Is There a Case for Carbon Tariffs?"

Monday 16 January, Tomaz Cajner, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Title: "Human Capital and Unemployment Dynamics: Why More Educated Workers Enjoy Greater Employment Stability"

Tuesday January 17, Jan Zápal, London School of Economics
Title: "Explicit and Implicit Status-quo Determination in Dynamic Bargaining: Theory and Application to FOMC Directive"

Monday January 23,  Mu-Jeung Yang, University of Berkeley
Title: "Micro-level Misallocation and Selection: Estimation and Aggregate Implications"

Tuesday January 24, Sophie Osotimehin, Paris School of Economics
Title: "Aggregate Productivity and the Allocation of Resources Over the Business Cycle"

Wednesday January 25, Lorenz Kueng, University of California, Berkeley
Title: "Tax News: Identifying the Household Consumption Response to Tax Expectations using Bond Prices"

Thursday January 26, Walker Hanlon, Columbia University
Title: "Necessity is the Mother of Invention: Input Supplies and Directed Technical Change"

Friday January 27, Camille Landais, Stanford University and University of California, Berkeley
Title: "Heterogeneity and Behavioral Responses to Unemployment Benefits over the Business Cycle"

Monday January 30, Greg Veramendi, University of Aarhus and Northwester University
Title: "Labor Market Dynamics: A Model of Search and Human Capital Accumulation"

Wednesday February 1, Jonas Hjort, University of California Berkeley
Title: "Ethnic Divisions and Production in Firms"

Monday February 6, Jessie Handbury, Columbia University
Title: "Are Poor Cities Cheap for Everyone? Non-Homotheticity and the Cost of Living Across U.S. Cities"

Wednesday February 8, Thomas Cunningham, Harvard University
Title: "Comparisons and Choice"

Monday March 19, Timo Boppart, University of Zurich
Title: "Structural Change and the Kaldor Facts in a Growth Model With Relative Price Effects and Non-Gorman Preferences"