Spring 2012

Tuesday January 3, Elhanan Helpman, Oxford
Title: "Trade and Inequality"

Thursday March 8, Marina Azzimonti, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Title: "Financial Globalization, Inequality, and the Raising of Public Debt"

Tuesday March 13, Erik Lindqvist, SSE
Title: "The Making of a Manager: Military Leadership Training and Civilian Leadership"

Thursday March 15, Ragnar Torvik, NTNU
Title: "Petro Populism"

Tuesday March 20, Giancarlo Spagnolo, University of Rome
Title: "Legalizing Bribes"

Thursday March 22, Kaivan Munshi, Brown
Title: "Black Mobilization After Emancipation: Evidence from Reconstruction and the Great Migration"

Tuesday March 27, Joel van der Weele, Goethe University
Title: "When Ignorance is Innocence: On Information Avoidance in Moral Dilemmas"

Thursday March 29, Rikard Forslid, Stockholm University
Title: "Why are Firms that Export Cleaner? International Trade and CO2 Emissions"

Tuesday April 3, Li An Zhou, Peking University
Title: "The Effect of Microinsurance on Economic Activities: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment"

Tuesday April 17, Jakob Svensson, IIES
Title: "Can Good Products Drive Out Bad? Experimental Evidence from Local Markets for Anti Malarial Medicine in Uganda"

Thursday April 19, Charles Noussair, Tilburg
Title: "Frictions, Persistence, and Central Bank Policy in an Experimental Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium"

Tuesday April 24, Claudia Olivetti, Boston University
Title: "In the Name of the Father: Marriage and Intergenerational Mobility in the United States, 1850-1930"

Thursday April 26, Michele Tertilt, Mannheim
Title: "Costly Contracts and Consumer Credit"

Thursday May 3, Fatih Guvenen, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Title: "The Nature of Countercyclical Income Risk"

Tuesday May 8, Matti Liski, Aalto University
Title: "Carbon Prices for the Next Thousand Years"

Tuesday 15 May, Per Krusell, IIES.
Title: "Is Labor Supply Important for Business Cycles?"

Tuesday May 22, Philippe Aghion, Harvard and IIES
Title: "Education and Military Rivalry"

Mistra-SWECIA Science Seminar
Wednesday May 23 at 10.00 - 14.15
Title: "The Effects of Different Energy Sources and Technological Progress on
Climate Change"

Thursday, May 24, Jörgen Weibull, Stockholm School of Economics
Title: "Homo Moralis: Preference Evolution under Incomplete Information and Assortitative Matching"

Tuesday May 29, Christian Traeger, Berkeley
Title: "Discounting and Confidence"

Thursday May 31, Rick van der Ploeg, University of Oxford
Title: "Growth, Renewables and the Optimal Carbon Tax"

Tuesday June 5, Antonella Trigari, Bocconi University
Title: "Financial Markets and Unemployment"

Thursday June 7, Lars E.O. Svensson, Sveriges Riksbank and IIES
Title: "The Possible Unemployment Cost of Average Inflation below a Credible Target"

Tuesday June 12, Aart de Zeuw, Tilburg
Title: "Regime Shifts and Uncertainty in Pollution Control"

Thursday June 14, Laura Schechter, Wisconsin
Title: "Reciprocated Versus Unreciprocated Sharing in Social Networks"


Fall 2012

Thursday August 23, Francisco Buera, UCLA
Title: "Idea Flows, Economic Growth, and Trade"

Tuesday September 11, Matt Notowidigdo, Chicago Booth
Title: "Duration Dependence and Labor Market Conditions: Theory and Evidence from a Field Experiment"

Thursday September 13, David Cesarini, NYU
Title: "The Genetic Architecture of Economic and Political Preferences"

Tuesday September 18, Olle Folke, Columbia University
Title: "Forced to Succeed Quotas, Competition and Competence"

Thursday September 20, Tessa Bold, IIES
Title: "Interventions and Institutions: Experimental Evidence on Scaling up Education Reforms in Kenya"

Tuesday September 25, Tim Besley, LSE
Title: "The Welfare Cost of Lawlessness: Evidence from Somali Piracy"

Monday October 1, Raquel Fernandez, NYU
Title: "The Disappearing Gender Gap: The Impact of Divorce, Wages, and Preferences on
Education Choices and Women's Work"

Tuesday October 2, Ruixue Jia, IIES
Title: "Pollution for Promotion"

Thursday October 4, Pamela Campa, IIES
Title: "Press Leaks and Toxic Leaks: How Newspapers Make Firms Accountable"

Tuesday October 9, Maitreesh Ghatak, LSE
Title: "Market Structure and Borrower Welfare in Microfinance"

Thursday October 11, Petra Persson, Columbia University
Title: "Marriage as Insurance Take-Up: Social Security Design and Couples' Long-term Financial Planning"

Tuesday October 16, Juanna Joensen, Stockholm School of Economics
Title: "Student Aid, Academic Achievement, and Labor Market Behavior: Grants or Loans?"

Thursday October 18, Christopher Woodruff, University of Warwick
Title: "Business Training and Female Enterprise Start-up, Growth, and Dynamics: Experimental Evidence from Sri Lanka"

Tuesday October 23, Jesper Linde, Federal Reserve Board of Governors
Title: "Fiscal Consolidation in a Currency Union: Spending Cuts Vs. Tax Hikes"

Thursday October 25, Mushfiq Mobarak, Yale University
Title: "Seasonal Migration and Risk Aversion"

Tuesday November 6, Maria Cheung, Stockholm University
Title: "Edutainment Radio, Women's Status and Primary School Participation: Evidence from Cambodia"

Thursday November 8, Susanne Forstner, European University Institute and IIES
Title: "The Effect of Moral Hazard on Wage Inequality with On-the-Job Search and Employer Competition"

Tuesday November 13, Alex Whalley, University of California
Title: "Hierarchical Accountability in Government: Theory and Evidence"

Thursday November 15, David Seim, IIES
Title: "Smart Enough to Evade? On the Incidence of a Wealth Tax"

Tuesday November 20, Diego Ubfal, Bocconi University
Title: "How General are Time Preferences: Eliciting Good Specific Discount Rates"

Thursday November 22, Abdulaziz Shifa, IIES
Title: "Trade in Human Capital and Economic Growth"

Tuesday November 27, Michael Peters, Yale University and LSE
Title: "Heterogeneous Mark-Ups and Endogenous Misallocation"

Thursday November 29, Karna Basu, City University of New York
Title: "Time-Inconsistency, Renegotiation, and Firm Ownership"

Tuesday December 4, Gianluca Violante, NYU
Title: N/A

Thursday December 13, Bei Qin, IIES
Title: N/A

Tuesday December 18, Pascaline Dupas, Stanford University
Title: "Price Subsidies, Diagnostic Tests, and Targeting of Malaria Treatment"