Wednesday January 16, Lint Barrage, Yale University
Title: "Optimal Dynamic Carbon Taxes in a Climate-Economy Model with Distortionary Fiscal Policy"

Monday January 21, Francois Gerard, University of California, Berkeley
Title: "Informal Labor and the Cost of Social Programs: Evidence from 15 Years of Unemployment Insurance in Brazil"

Tuesday January 22, Sebastian Findeisen, University of Zurich
Title: "Education and Optimal Dynamic Taxation: The Role of Income-Contingent Student Loans"

Thursday January 24, Nikolaj Harmon, Princeton University
Title: "Are Workers Better Matched in Large Labor Markets?"

Monday January 28, Robert Ulbricht, University of Munich
Title: "Credit Crunches, Information Failures, and the Persistence of Pessimism"

Friday February 1, Luca Fornaro, London School of Economics
Title: "International Debt Deleveraging"

Monday February 4, Angela Fiedler, Goethe University Frankfurt
Title: "Fixed Costs and Inter-Industry Wage Differentials"

Wednesday February 6, S Anukriti, Columbia University
Title: "The Fertility-Sex Ratio Trade-off: Unintended Consequences of Financial Incentives"

Thursday February 7, Ugo Troiano, Harvard University
Title: "Policy Responses to Fiscal Restraints: A Difference-in-Discontinuities Design"

Friday February 8, Ben Faber, London School of Economics
Title: "Trade Liberalization, the Price of Quality, and Inequality: Evidence from Mexican Store Prices"

Monday February 11, Dmitriy Sergeyev, University of Columbia
Title: "Financial Integration and Financial Instability"

Wednesday February 13, Sushant Acharya, University of Maryland
Title: "Uncertainty-Driven Deficient Aggregate Demand and Fiscal Policy"

Monday February 18, Terri Kneeland, University of British Columbia
Title: "Rationality and Consistent Beliefs: Theory and Experimental Evidence"