Thursday January 16, Ilse Lindenlaub, EUI
Title: “Sorting Multidimensional Types: Theory and Application”

Friday January 17, Miikka Rokkanen, MIT
Title: “Exam Schools, Ability, and the Effects of Affirmative Action: Latent Factor Extrapolation in the Regression Discontinuity Design”

Monday January 20, Kathrin Schlafmann, University of Munich
Title: “Housing, Mortgages, and Self Control”

Tuesday January 21, Julien Labonne, Oxford University
Title: “Do Politicians' Relatives Get Better Jobs? Evidence from Municipal Elections in the Philippines”

Wednesday January 22, Alexandre Kohlhas, University of Cambridge
Title: “Learning-by-Sharing: Monetary Policy and the Information Content of Aggregate Variables”

Thursday January 23, Kurt Mitman, University of Pennsylvania
Title: “Macroeconomic Effects of Bankruptcy & Foreclosure Policies”

Tuesday January 28, Sebastian Stumpner, UC Berkeley
Title: “Trade and the Geographical Spread of the Great Recession”

Wednesday January 29, Anna Sandberg, Stockholm School of Economics
Title: “Competing Biases: Effects of Gender and Nationality in Sports Judging”

Thursday January 30, Haishan Yuan, University of Maryland
Title: “National Representation and Local Public Expenditure: A Natural Experiment from Japan”

Monday February 3, Vincent Pons, MIT
Title: “Voter Registration Costs and Disenfranchisement: Experimental Evidence from France”

Tuesday February 4, Raul Sanchez de la Sierra, Columbia University
Title: “On the Origin of States: Stationary Bandits and Taxation in Eastern Congo”

Wednesday February 5, Michaela Pagel, UC Berkeley
Title: “Expectations-Based Reference-Dependent Life-Cycle Consumption”

Thursday February 6, Arash Nekoei, Harvard University
Title: “Does Extending Unemployment Benefits Improve Job Quality?”

Monday February 10, Johannes Haushofer, MIT
Title: “Household Response to Income Changes: Evidence from an Unconditional Cash Transfer Program in Kenya”

Tuesday February 18, Arna Vardardottir, Stockholm School of Economics
Title: “Bargaining Over Risk: The Impact of Decision Household Portfolios”

Thursday March 6, Harald Fadinger, University of Vienna
Title: "Offshoring with Heterogeneous Firms"