Wednesday 18 January at 10:00

Guo Xu, London School of Economics
Title: "The Costs of Patronage: Evidence from the British Empire"

Thursday 19 January at 15:00

Jack Willis, Harvard University
Title: "Time vs. State in Insurance: Experimental Evidence from Contract Farming in Kenya"
(with Lorenzo Casaburi)

Monday 23 January at 12:30

Arianna Ornaghi, MIT
Title: "Civil Service Reforms: Evidence from U.S. Police Departments"

Tuesday 24 January at 10:00

Alexey Gorn, Bocconi University
Title: "The Role of Headhunters in Wage Inequality: It's All about Matching"

Friday 27 January at 10:00

Andreas Gulyas, University of California, Los Angeles
Title: "Identifying Labor Market Sorting with Firm Dynamics"

Monday 30 January at 10:00

Barbara Biasi, Stanford University
Title: "Unions, Salaries, and the Market for Teachers: Evidence from Wisconsin"

Friday 3 February at 10:00

Abhijeet Singh, University of Oxford
Title: "Learning More With Every Year: School Year Productivity and International Learning Divergence"

Tuesday 7 February at 12:30

Wei Huang, Harvard University
Title: "Fertility Restrictions and Life Cycle Outcomes: Evidence from the One Child Policy in China"

Wednesday 8 February at 14:00

Elisa Giannone, University of Chicago
Title: "Skilled-Biased Technical Change and Regional Convergence"

Thursday 9 February at 14:00

Mitch Downey, University of California, San Diego
Title: " Losers Go to Jail: Congressional Elections and Union Officer Prosecutions (797 Kb)

Monday 13 February at 10:00 

Neele Balke, University College London
Title: " The Employment Cost of Sovereign Default (594 Kb)