Tuesday 15 January at 14:00 

Laura Castillo-Martinez, LSE
Title: Sudden Stops, Productivity and the Exchange Rate

Wednesday 16 January at 14:00

Alessandra Peter, Stanford University
Title: Owning Up: Closely Held Firms and Wealth Inequality

Monday 21 January at 10:00

Francesca Parodi, UCL
Title: Taxation o Durables, Non-durables and Earnings with Heterogeneous Preferences

Wednesday 23 January at 14:00 

Siddharth George, Harvard University
Title: Like Father, Like Son? The Effect of Political Dynasties on Economic Development

Wednesday 30 January at 14:30

Kieran Larkin, UCL
Title: Job Risk, Separation Shocks and Household Asset Allocation

Friday 1 February at 10:00

Travis Baseler, Stanford University
Title: Hidden Income and the Perceived Returns to Migration: Experimental Evidence from Kenya

Monday 4 February at 10:00

Andreas Stegmann, CEMFI
Title: The Effects of Cross-Regime Interpersonal Contact on the Support for Authoritarian Regimes

Tuesday 5 February at 10:00

Julia Salmi, Aalto University
Title: Endogenous Learning from Incremental Actions

Wednesday 6 February at 10:00

Xuan Li, Columbia University
Title: The Costs of Workplace Favoritism: Evidence from Promotions in Chinese High Schools

Monday 11 February at 10.00

Fabian Eckert, Yale University
Title: Growing Apart: Tradable Services and the Fragmentation of the U.S Economy

Tuesday 12 February at 10.00

Tatjana Kleineberg, Yale University
Title: Can We Save the American Dream: A Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis
of the Effects of School Financing
 (co-authored with Fabian Eckert)