Spring 2021

Thursday 21 January

Audinga Baltrunaite, Bank of Italy
Trainspotting: Board Appointments in Private Firms (with Egle Karmaziene)

Thursday 11 March

Ola Andersson, Uppsala University
The Individual Welfare Costs of Stay-at-Home Policies

Thursday 18 March

Oriana Bandiera, London School of Economics (LSE)
The Misallocation of Women’s Talent Across Countries: Evidence from Personnel Data

Tuesday 23 March

Muly San, New York University (NYU)
Who Works Where and Why? Parental Networks and the Labor Market

Thursday 25 March

Christina Brown, UC Berkeley
Inducing Positive Sorting through Performance Pay: Experimental Evidence from Pakistani Schools

Thursday 15 April

Sarah Ridout, Harvard University & Vanderbilt University
A Model of Justification

Thursday 22 April

Pietro Ortoleva, Princeton University
Caution and Reference Effects (with Simone Cerreia-Vioglio and David Dillenberger)

Thursday 29 April 

Augustin Bergeron, Harvard University
The State Capacity Ceiling on Tax Rates: Evidence from Randomized Tax Abatements in the DRC

Thursday 6 May

Gilat Levy, London School of Economics (LSE)
Misspecified Politics and the Recurrence of Populism (with Ronny Razin and Alwyn Young)

Tuesday 11 May

Yanos Zylberberg, University of Bristol
Migrants and the Urban Economy: Evidence from China

Fall 2021

Thursday 9 September

Erika Deserranno, Kellogg School of Management & Northwestern University
Financial Incentives in Multi-layered Organizations: An Experiment in the Public Sector

Thursday 21 September 

Sascha Becker, Monash University & University of Warwick
Scholars at Risk: Academic Networks and High-Skilled Emigration from Nazi Germany

Thursday 14 October

Lauren Falcao Bergquist, University of Michigan
Search Cost, Intermediation, and Trade: Experimental Evidence from Ugandan Agricultural Markets (with Craig McIntosh and Meredith Startz)

Tuesday 19 October 

Anna Tompsett, IIES & Department of Economics (Stockholm University)
Time is Not Money: An Experiment with Community Contribution Requirements in Cash and Labor (with Serena Cocciolo, Selene Ghisolfi, and Md. Ahasan Habib)

Thursday 28 October 

Tore Ellingsen, Stockholm School of Economics (SSE)
Bubbles and Kinks: A Monetary Model of Recessions (with David Domeij)

Thursday 11 November 

Gustavo De Souza, IIES 
On the Political and Economic Determinants of Redistribution: Pecuniary Gains, Social Preferences, or Institutions?

Tuesday 16 November 

Rachael Meager, London School of Economics (LSE)
An Automatic Finite-Sample Robustness Metric: When Can Dropping a Little Data Make a Big Difference? (with Tamara Broderick and Ryan Giordano)

Friday 19 November 

Daphne Skandalis, University of Copenhagen
Racial Inequality in the U.S. Unemployment Insurance System

Thursday 23 November 

Barbara Biasi, Yale School of Management & Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance (EIEF)
The Education-Innovation Gap (with Song Ma)

Thursday 25 November

Edouard Schaal, CREI
Herding through Booms and Busts (with Mathieu Taschereau-Dumouchel)

Thursday 30 November

Joshua Weiss, IIES
Market Power, Imitation and Growth