This year the IIES instated the inaugural Assar Lindbeck Fellowship, named in honor of our esteemed former colleague and IIES director, Assar Lindbeck. The Fellowship provides an opportunity for a one-year visit to the Institute free of teaching and administrative duties. 

Monday January 25 

Nitya Pandalai-Nayar, University of Texas Austin
The Long and Short (Run) of Trade Elasticities (with Christoph E. Boehm and Anderi A. Levchencko)

Wednesday January 27

Sebastian Ottinger, UCLA 
Immigrants, Industries, and Path Dependence

Friday, January 29

Elisa Macchi, University of Zurich 
Worth Your Weight: Experimental Evidence on the Benefits of Obesity in Low-Income Countries

Tuesday February 2 

Masao Fukui, MIT
A Theory of Wage Rigidity and Unemployment Fluctuations with On-the-Job Search

Wednesday February 3 

Maxwell Kellogg, University of Chicago
Household Self-Insurance and the Value of Disability Insurance in the United States

Thursday February 4 

Bence Bardoczy, Northwestern University
Spousal Insurance and the Amplification of Business Cycles

Monday February 8 

Lukasz Rachel, LSE
Leisure-Enhancing Technological Change

Wednesday February 10 

Jane Olmstead-Rumsey, Northwestern University
Market Concentration and the Productivity Slowdown

Thursday February 11 

Allan Hsiao, MIT
Coordination and Commitment in International Climate Action: Evidence from Palm Oil

Monday February 22 

Gustavo de Souza, University of Chicago
The Labor Market Consequences of Appropriate Technology