Spring 2011

Tuesday March 8, Raj Chetty, Harvard University
Title: "Bounds on Elasticities with Optimization Frictions: A Synthesis of Micro and Macro Evidence on Labor Supply"

Thursday March 10, Chris Udry, Yale University
Title: "Examining Underinvestment in Agriculture: Financial Markets in Northern Ghana"

Tuesday March 15, Nicola Pavoni, Bocconi
Title: "Ramsey Asset Taxation Under Asymmetric Information"

Thursday March 17, Filipe Campante, Harvard University
Title: "Media and Polarization"

Tuesday March 22, Thierry Mayer, Sciences Po
Title: "The Geography of Conflicts and Regional Trade Agreements"

Thursday March 24, Håkan Nordström, Kommerskollegium
Title: "The Political Economy of EU Anti-dumping Policy: Decoding Member States Votes"

Tuesday March 29, Vasco Carvalho, CREI
Title: "The Great Diversification and its Undoing"

Thursday March 31, Yves Zenou, Stockholm University
Title: "Criminal Networks: Who is the Key Player?"

Tuesday April 5, Simeon Alder, Notre Dame
Title: "Deceptive Redistribution"

Thursday April 7, Emilia Simeonova, IIES
Title: "Education and Health: Is More Always Better?"

Tuesday April 12, Almuth Scholl, University of Konstanz
Title: "Debt Relief for Poor Countries: Effectiveness and Conditionality"

Friday April 15, Richard Hornbeck, Harvard University
Title: "Farming in the Ogallala Aquifer: Short-run and Long-run Impacts of Groundwater Access"

Tuesday April 26, Maria Petrova, New Economic School
Title: "Unintended Media Effects in a Conflict Environment: Serbian Radio and Croatian Nationalism"

Thursday April 28, Ruben Enikolopov, New Economic School
Title: "Elite Capture of Local Institutions: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Afghanistan"

Tuesday May 3, Garance Genicot, Georgetown University
Title: "Suicide and Property Rights in India"

Thursday May 5, Klaus Adam, University of Mannheim
Title: "House Price Booms and the Current Account"

Tuesday May 10, Ellen McGrattan, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Title: "Capital Taxation and the US Great Depression"

Thursday May 12, John Friedman, Harvard University
Title: "How Does Your Kindergarten Classroom Affect Your Earnings? Evidence from Project STAR"

Tuesday May 17, Nancy Qian, Yale University
Title: "Aiding Conflict: The Unintended Consequences of U.S. Food Aid on Civil War"

Thursday May 19, Sebastian Koehne, IIES
Title: "Optimal Income Taxation with Asset Accumulation"

Tuesday May 24, Ricardo Lagos, New York University
Title: "Trade Dynamics in the Market for Federal Funds"

Thursday May 26, Giancarlo Corsetti, Cambridge
Title: "Ma…fia and Public Spending: Evidence on the Fiscal Multiplier from a

Tuesday June 7, Claudio Ferraz, PUC-Rio
Title: "Does Oil Make Leaders Unaccountable? Evidence from Brazil's Offshore Oil Boom"

Thursday June 9, Xavier Gabaix, New York University
Title: "A Sparsity-Based Model of Bounded Rationality"

Wednesday June 15, Leonardo Bursztyn, UCLA
Title: "Electoral Incentives and Public Education Spending: Evidence from Brazil"


Fall 2011

Tuesday August 30, Daniel Benjamin, Cornell
Title: "What Do You Think Would Make You Happier? What Do You Think You Would Choose?"

Thursday September 1, Peter Nilsson, IIES
Title: "Businesses, Buddies, and Babies: Fertility and Social Interactions at Work"

Wednesday September 7, Christian Hellwig, Toulouse
Title: "A Theory of Asset Prices Based on Heterogeneous Investor Beliefs and
Limits to Arbitrage"

Thursday September 8, Dominic Rohner, Zurich
Title: "Seeds of Distrust? Conflict in Uganda"

Monday September 12, Robert Shimer, Chicago
Title: "Job Search, Labor Force Participation, and Wage Rigidities"

Thursday September 15, Michael Reiter, IHS Vienna
Title: "What do Participation Fluctuations Tell Us About Labor Supply Elasticities?"

Tuesday September 20, Jenny Simon, EUI
Title: "Financial Markets as a Commitment Device for the Government"

Thursday September 22, Xavier Ragot, PSE
Title: "Precautionary Saving over the Business Cycle"

Tuesday September 27, Daniel Spiro, IIES
Title: "Resource Extraction, Capital Accumulation and Time Horizon"

Thursday September 29, Shing-Yi Wang, NYU
Title: "Marriage Networks, Nepotism and Labor Market Outcomes in China"

Tuesday October 4, Frederico Finan, Berkeley
Title: "Strengthening State Capabilities: The Role of Financial Incentives in the Call to Public Service"

Thursday October 6, Marco Battaglini, Princeton
Title: "Fiscal Policy and Unemployment"

Tuesday October 11, Nicola Gennaioli, CREI
Title: "A Model of Shadow Banking"

Thursday October 13, Fabian Waldinger, Warwick
Title: "Bombs, Brains, and Science - The Role of Human and Physical Capital for the Creation of Scientific Knowledge"

Tuesday October 18, Sjak Smulders, Tilburg
Title: "How Intergenerational Disagreement Constrains Government Intervention"

Thursday October 20, Xavier Vives, IESE
Title: "Strategic Complementarity, Fragility, and Regulation"

Tuesday October 25, Rocco Macchiavello, University of Warwick
Title: "The Value of Relationships: Evidence from a Supply Shock to Kenyan Flower Exports"

Thursday October 27, Kelly Ragan, SSE
Title: "Sex and the Single Girl: The Role of Culture in Contraception Demand"

Tuesday November 15, Lutz Kilian, University of Michigan
Title: "The Role of Inventories and Speculative Trading in the Global Market for Crude Oil"

Thursday November 17, Måns Söderbom, University of Gothenburg
Title: "Uncertainty and Long-Run Capital Accumulation"

Tuesday November 22, Ettore Panetti, IIES
Title: "A Theory of Bank Illiquidity and Default with Hidden Trades"

Thursday November 24, Hakki Yaziki, Istanbul
Title: "Optimal Bequest Taxation and Capital Subsidies over the Lifecycle"

Tuesday November 29, Morten Olsen, IESE
Title: "The Intended and Unintended Consequences of Special Fabric Provisions"

Thursday December 1, Santosh Anagol, Wharton
Title: "Understanding the Incentives of Commissions Motivated Agents: Theory and Evidence from the Indian Life Insurance Market"

Tuesday December 13, Moritz Kuhn, University of Bonn
Title: N/A

Wednesday December 14, Yinan Li, IIES
Title: "China's Political Business Cycle"