Thursday January 8, Lars E.O. Svensson, Sveriges Riksbank
"Optimal Monetary Policy in an Operational Medium-Sized DSGE Model" (574 Kb)

Job talk! Friday January 23 at 14.00, James Berry, MIT
"Child Control in Education Decisions: An Evaluation of Targeted Incentives to Learn in India" (697 Kb)

Job talk! Monday January 26, Kaj Thomsson, YALE
"Public and Private Welfare State Institutions" (380 Kb)

Job talk! Tuesday January 27, Tessa Bold, Oxford University
"Implications of Endogenous Group Formation for Efficient Risk-Sharing" (334 Kb)

Job talk! Wednesday January 28, Eric Weese, MIT
"Political Mergers as Coalition Formation: Evidence from Japanese Municipal Amalgamations" (1123 Kb)

Job talk! Monday February 2, Almut Balleer, University of Bonn
"New Evidence: Old Puzzles: Technology Shocks and Labor Market Dymanics" (349 Kb)

Job talk! Thursday February 5, Ethan Ilzetzki, University of Maryland
"Rent-Seeking Distortions and Fiscal Procyclicality" (421 Kb)

Job talk! Monday February 9, Tamas Papp, Princeton University
"Explaining Frictional Wage Dispersion" (611 Kb)

Job talk! Tuesday February 10, David Dorn, Boston University
"Price and Prejudice: The Interaction between Preferences and Incentives in the Dynamics of Racial Segregation" (354 Kb)

Job talk! Thursday February 19, Tobias Broer, European University Institute
"Domestic or Global Imbalances? Rising Inequality and the Fall in the US Current Account" (601 Kb)

Thursday March 5, Peter Nilsson, Uppsala University
"Does a Pint a Day Affect your Child's Pay? The Effect of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure on Adult Outcomes"

Tuesday March 10, Emanuela Cardia, University of Montreal
"The Household Revolution: Childcare, Housework, and Female Labor Force Participation"

Thursday March 12, Aysegul Sahin, Federal Reserve Bank
"Unemployment Dynamics in the OECD" (1387 Kb)

Tuesday March 17, Nicola Gennaioli, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
"What Comes To Mind" (333 Kb)

Thursday March 19, Pascaline Dupas, UCLA
"Savings Constraints and Microenterprise Development: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Kenya" (723 Kb)

Tuesday March 24, Richard Rogerson, Arizona State University
"Micro and Macro Elasticities in a Life Cycle Model with Taxes" (325 Kb)

Tuesday March 31, Per Pettersson-Lidbom, Stockholm University
"Does a trained midwife reduce maternal and infant mortality?"

Thursday April 2, Marko Terviö, Berkeley
"Overworked and Overpaid: Failure in the Market for Job Experience"

Tuesday April 12, Masayuki Kudamatsu, Torsten Persson and David Strömberg, IIES
"Weather and Infant Mortality in Africa"

Thursday April 16, Fabrizio Zilibotti, Zürich University
"Growing like China"

Thursday April 23, Rajeev Dehejia, Tufts
"Financial Incentives and Fertility"

Tuesday April 28, Miklos Koren, Central European University
"A Spatial Explanation for the Balassa-Samuelson Effect"

Tuesday May 5, Jean-Marc Robin, Paris University
"Labor Market Dynamics with Sequential Auctions"

Thursday May 7, Natalia Ramondo, University of Texas
"Trade, Multinational Production, and the Gains from Openness"

Tuesday May 12, Marc Melitz, Princeton University
"Market size, Competition, and the Product Mix of Exporter"

Thursday May 14, Sharun Mukand, Warwick University,
"On Leadership and Institutional Change"

Tuesday May 19, Bård Harstad, Northwestern University
"The Dynamics of Climate Agreements"

Tuesday May 26, Philippe Aghion, Harvard University
"The Environment and Directed Technical Change"

Thursday May 28, Alexander Gelber, NBER
"Incentives and the Allocation of Time: Evidence on Home Production, Labor Supply, and Leisure"

Tuesday June 2, Kjetil Storesletten, Oslo University
"Rotten Parents and Disciplined Children:A Politico-Economic Theory of
Public Expenditure and Debt"

Wednesday June 3, Ragnar Torvik, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
"Endogenous Presidentialism"

Thursday June 4 at 14.00, Anders Fredriksson, IIES, will defend his thesis in Nordenskiöldssalen, Geovetenskapens hus.

Tuesday June 9, Rachel Ngai, London School of Economics
"Hot and Cold Seasons in the Housing Market"

Thursday June 11, Dennis Snower, IFW Kiel
"An Incentive Theory of Matching" (198 Kb)

Friday June 12, Nancy Qian, Harvard University
"The Power of Propaganda: The Effect of U.S. Government Bias on Cold War News Coverage of Human Rights Abuses"

Tuesday June 16, Dean Karlan, Yale University
"Put Your Money where Your Butt Is: A Commitment Contract for Smoking Cessation"