Job Talk!
Wednesday January 18 at 10:00, Guo Xu, London School of Economics
Title: The Costs of Patronage: Evidence from the British Empire

Job Talk!
Thursday January 19 at 15:00, Jack Willis, Harvard University
Title: Time vs. State in Insurance: Experimental Evidence from Contract Farming in Kenya (with Lorenzo Casaburi, University of Zurich)

Job Talk!
Monday January 23 at 12:30, Arianna Ornaghi, MIT
Title: Civil Service Reforms: Evidence from U.S. Police Departments

Job Talk!
Tuesday January 24 at 10:00, Alexey Gorn, Bocconi University
Title: The Role of Headhunters in Wage Inequality: It's All about Matching

Job Talk!
Friday January 27 at 10:00, Andreas Gulyas, University of California, Los Angeles
Title: Identifying Labor Market Sorting with Firm Dynamics

Job Talk!
Monday January 30 at 10:00, Barbara Biasi, Stanford University
Title: Unions, Salaries, and the Market for Teachers: Evidence from Wisconsin

Job Talk!
Friday February 3 at 10:00, Abhijeet Singh, University of Oxford
Title: Learning More With Every Year: School Year Productivity and International Learning Divergence

Monday February 6 at 10:00, Neele Balke, University College London
Title: The Employment Cost of Sovereign Default

Job Talk!
Tuesday February 7 at 12:30, Wei Huang, Harvard University
Title: Fertility Restrictions and Life Cycle Outcomes: Evidence from the One Child Policy in China

IIES/SNS International Policy Talk
Tuesday February 7 at 08:00, Torsten Persson, IIES
Title: Who becomes a politician? (Talk held in Swedish)
Venue: SNS, Jakobsbergsgatan 18
Registration required, sign up at

Job Talk!
Wednesday February 8 at 14:00, Elisa Giannone, University of Chicago
Title: Skilled-Biased Technical Change and Regional Convergence

Job Talk!
Thursday February 9 at 14:00, Mitch Downey, University of California, San Diego
Title: Losers Go to Jail: Congressional Elections and Union Officer Prosecutions (797 Kb)

Job Talk!
Monday February 13 at 10:00, Neele Balke, University College London
Title: The Employment Cost of Sovereign Default (594 Kb)

Monday February 20 at 13:00, Johannes Haushofer, Princeton University
Title: Peace of Mind: Health Insurance Reduces Stress and Cortison Levels – Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Kenya

Thursday March 9 at 15:00, Corina Boar, University of Rochester
Title: Dynastic Precautionary Savings

Tuesday March 14 at 13:00, Venky Venkateswaran, NYU
Title: Capital Misallocation: Frictions or Distortions?

Thursday March 16 at 15:00, Jaroslav Borovicka, NYU
Title: Identifying ambiguity shocks in business cycle models using survey data

Tuesday March 21 at 13:00, Joseph Vavra, Chicago Booth
Title: Regional Heterogeneity and Monetary Policy

Thursday March 23 at 15:00, Martina Björkman, SSE
Title: Preferences versus bargaining power: The effects of targeting mothers or fathers to improve child health (joint with Seema Jayachandran), work in progress

Tuesday March 28 at 13:00, Kristoffer Nimark, Cornell University Ithaca
Title: Delegated Information Choice (joint with Stefan Pitschner)

Thursday March 30 at 15:00, Nobuhiro Kiyotaki, Princeton University
Title: Intangibles, Inequality and Stagnation

Tuesday April 4 at 13:00, Lint Barrage, Brown University
Title: Heterogeneous Climate Risk Beliefs and Coastal Home Price Dynamics: Going Under Water?

Thursday April 6 at 15:00, Aysegul Sahin, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Title: Demographic Origins of the Startup Deficit (joint paper with Fatih Karahan and Ben Pugsley)

Thursday April 20 at 15:00, Simon Jäger, MIT
Title: “How Substitutable Are Workers? Evidence from Worker Deaths”

Tuesday April 25 at 13:00, Erik Hurst, Chicago Booth
Title: Leisure Luxuries and the Labor Supply of Young Men

Thursday April 27 at 15:00, Joana Naritomi, LSE
Title: Consumers as Tax Auditors

Tuesday May 2 at 13:00, Hoyt Bleakley, University of Michigan
Title: A Nudge to School: Triangulating the Gains

Thursday May 4 at 10:00, Burhan Kuruscu, University of Toronto
Title: Use It or Loose It: Efficiency Gains from Wealth Taxation, (with Fatih Guvenen, Gueorgui Kambourov, Sergio Ocampo Diaz, and Daphne Chen)

Tuesday May 9 at 13:00, Dan-Olof Rooth, SOFI, SU
Title: Long-Run Effects of Free, Universal and Nutritious School Lunches: Evidence from a Swedish Reform

Thursday May 11 at 15:00, Mark Bils, University of Rochester
Title: Misallocation or Mismeasurement?

Tuesday May 16 at 13:00, Annie Liang, University of Pennsylvania
Title: The Theory is Predictive, but is it Complete? An Application to Human Perception of Randomness (joint with Jon Kleinberg and Sendhil Mullainathan)

Thursday May 18 at 15:00, Kaveh Majlesi, Lund Universitet
Title: Importing Political Polarization? The Electoral Consequences of Rising Trade Exposure (with David Autor, David Dorn and Gordon Hanson)

Tuesday May 23 at 13:00, Christopher Neilson, Princeton University
Title: Heterogeneous Beliefs and School Choice Mechanisms (with  Adam Kapor and Seth Zimmerma)

Tuesday May 30 at 13:00, Gautam Rao, Harvard University
Title: Status Goods: Experimental Evidence from Platinum Credit Cards

Thesis Defense!
Friday June 9 at 13:00, Hannes Malmberg, IIES
Title: Human Capital in Development Accounting and Other Essays in Economics
Venue: Nordenskiöldsalen, Geovetenskapens hus
Opponent: Esteban A. Rossi-Hansberg, Princeton University

Tuesday June 13 at 13:00, Xavier Gabaix, Harvard University
Title: A Behavioural New Keynesian Model

IIES/SNS International Policy Talk
Thursday June 15 at at 09:00, Lise Vesterlund, University of Pittsburgh
Title: Barriers in Women’s Careers
Venue: SNS, Jakobsbergsgatan 18
Registration required, sign up at

Thursday June 15 at 15:00, Lise Vesterlund, University of Pittsburgh
Title: Motives for Giving Reconsidered
Paper to be discussed - "Why Do People Give? Testing Pure and Impure Altruism".

Friday June 16 at 10:00, Marco Bassetto, Federal reserve Bank of Chicago
Title: Is Inflation Default? The Role of Information in Debt Crises, (joint work with Carlo Galli, UCL)

Thesis Defense!
Friday June 16 at 14:00, Erik Öberg, IIES
Title: On Money and Consumption
Venue: William Olssonsalen, Geovetenskapens hus
Opponent: Marco Bassetto, Federal reserve Bank of Chicago

Tuesday June 20 at 13:00, Veronica Guerrieri, University of Chicago Booth School of Business